What is FABfiber?

Check out our comprehensive video about FABfiber!

Learning fiber arts methods beyond crocheting or knitting is often very cost prohibitive. Purchasing expensive equipment like looms, drop spindles, and spinning wheels can be difficult and discourage people from learning a new skill.

FABfiber tools combine the world of fiber craft and modern physical fabrication to create useful, cost-effective tools that can be put into the hands of both skilled makers and beginning students for a fun, hands-on learning experience.

Our goal is to make fiber arts more accessible to everyone by

  • Designing compact fiber machines out of common materials through laser-cutting and basic shop tools
  • Create free, easy-to-follow instructions for building and using these machines
  • Teach workshops to educate users of different skill levels how to build, understand, and use these new tools

Feel free to follow our adventure through weekly blog updates! Also, make sure to check back often as we add new FABfiber tool instruction manuals so you can create your own FABfiber crafts!