Week of Sept 5th – Sept 9th

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for taking the time this week to check in on all things FABfiber! Continue reading below to see what each member has been up to this week:


Miss Audra has been discussing the previous Mini Loom design with a professional fiber artist and professor at Arizona State University in order to refine the design further and make it perfect for woven fiber creations! She has begun making adjustments to the files and will begin testing the new changes early next week – super exciting! As our main contact to the Fiber Arts Network at ASU, she worked to finalize the date for our first workshop – October 15th!


This week, Darci has been busily working with the FABfiber team to create a 4 month plan that entails design, building, and instruction opportunities. There are many things to get done in the next several short months, so each member will need to be on task and motivated each and every week to get everything done!

Focusing on many of the design areas of the project, she created the DC FABfiber website where all FABfiber tools and updates will be displayed.


She also worked on designing a set of potential FABfiber logos. The final chosen FABfiber logo will be displayed proudly on each FABfiber tool!


As of this week, Ben has joined our team – hooray! He has diligently taken over the graphic design element of the Mini Loom and Drop Spindle and has began creating unique and adorable designs to have etched into their surfaces.


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