Week of Sept 12th – Sept 16th

Welcome back!

The FABfiber team was very productive and successful in this last week! Read below to check out our weekly accomplishments:


… has been busily working on iterating different concepts of our Mini Loom fabricated structure this week. She made changes to the design making it shorter which ultimately ended up being changed back after viewing it in the flesh. She also began designing new types of shuttles to use when weaving including a spinning shuttle that will allow yarn to be released automatically without turning the shuttle manually.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Another big score by Audra this week – after talking to Erika Hanson, the fiber arts instructor at ASU, she has offered to fund a classroom set of Mini Looms by FABfiber to implement into her instruction. Just a few weeks into the project and FABfiber tools are already being used in classrooms – right on!


In other exciting news, the official FABfiber logo has been chosen!


This logo will be used across all of our FABfiber designs including being etched onto our FABfiber tools, on our downloadable instruction manuals, on our website and on anything else!

Speaking of instruction manuals, Darci has also been creating layout sketches for the manual templates and working out some designs in inDesign to use. A large part of being able to easily build FABfiber tools is to have a well documented and visually pleasing instruction manual to follow so much future time will be dedicated to this part of the project.


This week, has been super focused creating more designs for the first two FABfiber tools that we’ll be releasing in the future!



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