Week Sept 19 – Sept 23


Hello our FABfiber followers!

It’s almost the end of September and the Autumn Equinox has passed which means Autumn is officially here. Hooray!


Unfortunately, the laser cutter in the Fabrication Lab for the Digital Culture major at ASU broke during the earlier part of the week. This slowed down a lot of the iteration process that Audra had planned. She was able to cut some copies of two of our upcoming tools by the end of the week once the laser cutter was fixed in the lab.

She has also been assisting with helping Darci write the lesson plans for the upcoming workshops and providing feedback from her previous experiences of teaching individuals of a range of skillsets and ages!


This week Darci has been adding to the instruction manuals for each of our upcoming FABfiber tools. The text portion of the Drop Spindle was finalized as well as the necessary materials to create the tool and a rough draft of the Mini Loom text instructions have been laid out. The next step will be to photograph and record each step of the procress for both tools for better understanding.

Since the first workshop is only a few weeks away, she has also began writing a rough draft of the lesson plan. Each lesson plan will be adjusted based on the group audience to better suite their needs.

With some extra time on her hands, Darci has also began to create zoetrope styled graphic designs for the tops of the Drop Spindle! Since personalization is part of the mission for FABfiber tools, having a variety of design styles for our tools is incredibly important.


… has been continuing to work on designs and hand-drawn illustrations for the Drop Spindle and Mini Loom FABfiber tools.


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