Week Sept 26th – Sept 30th

Welcome back to another week of fabulous FABfiber progress! This week we had a lot of group accomplishments rather than a collection of individual work as in the past few weeks. The whole team in fact gathered together and put together three Mini Looms to test materials, building methods, and etch times. This helped us to significantly work out some of the kinks in our design.

In addition to building the first Mini Looms this week, the dates for the current two FABfiber workshops have been finalized!

Fiber Arts Network Mini Loom Workshop – October 15th

CreatorSpace Mini Loom Workshop – October 22nd

*stay tuned for workshop times and locations in the near future*


… has been busy working on creating lesson plans and structures for the upcoming FABfiber workshops in mid- to late-October. After building a few Mini Looms this week, she has also finalized the Mini Loom designs including a change to the dowel sizes and rounding the corners. Due to technical difficulties with the lab’s larger laser cutter, she has decided to make a stamp of the FABfiber logo to place on the classroom Mini Looms instead of etching the logo into the MDF board until the laser cutters are fully fixed.

After talking to Erica earlier this week, Audra also discovered that we will be creating a total of 15 Mini Looms for future classroom use in the fibers department! This is incredibly exciting news for the FABfiber team and for student fiber artists at ASU! By December, we will also have created 34 total looms between workshops, personal looms, and the classroom set.


This week, Darci’s work has mostly been about documenting progress on the project. She helped to design her own Mini Loom etching creation as well as helping to build it.


She recorded the process of Audra, Ben, and herself building each of their looms with both close-up and long distance shots to be used in future progress videos and as instructional demonstrations.



… has put together a very intricate FABfiber loom design to be etched into the sides of future looms. This design actually ended up failing on the laser cutter (the design was poorly rendered in its final form) as the design was too intricate for the laser cutter’s capabilities. He has also began building the posters to advertise the upcoming FABfiber workshops for the Fiber Arts Network and CreatorSpace clubs at ASU.


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