Week of Oct. 3rd – Oct. 7th

This week we have been getting prepped for our upcoming Fiber Arts Network Workshop!


In the beginning of this week, Audra was still working with technical teams to attempt at getting the large laser cutters up and running. Without the large laser cutters fully working, it would be more time consuming for us to cut looms for the fiber classes at ASU. She also spent a considerable amount of time overseeing the poster design for the upcoming Fiber Arts Network Workshop.

Mid-week she had an accident on her bike where she was cut off by a car. She’s doing okay now, but she did have to receive three stitches and has deep bruises and road rash. She’s still looking pretty fabulous, though!



… spent time documenting the process of building a FABfiber Mini Loom for the instruction manuals. Each image was selected and edited to create a clear illustration of how to build your own Mini Loom. She was also able to finish the Mini Loom instruction manual!


… has been actively working to create the Fiber Arts Network Workshop poster to advertise the upcoming event! He wanted to work with a vintage theme – taking our minds back to the time when looms were regularly used. He implemented old style fonts, Victorian era graphics and borders, and traditional black and white sketches. He has also started working on the CreatorSpace Workshop poster as well which will debut next week!




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