Week of Oct. 10th – Oct. 14th

Hello everyone!

Today, October 15th, we had our first workshop with the Fiber Arts Network at Arizona State University! Audra was in charge of the majority of the instruction, Darci documented the entire workshop through photography and video, and Ben was a wonderful helping hand to keep the workshop flowing smoothly. It went incredibly well and our attendees learned a great deal about power tools, how we made and designed the looms, and how to build them. Since these individuals are mostly familiar with fiber arts, we focused more on the process of building a wooden object and how to use common shop tools to create them than the actual weaving and warping itself. We were able to get some feedback on the instruction manuals and suggestions for what additional information should be added to it in order to make them more useful.

Most of our individual efforts this week were geared towards making sure our first workshop ran as smoothly as possible. Audra spent time laser cutting 8 different designed Mini Looms for the attendees, organizing materials, and making sure everything was accounted for. Darci printed posters to serve as navigational points for the day of the workshop and Ben created the CreatorSpace workshop poster for next week’s event.


This next week we will be preparing and advertising for our last Mini Loom workshop with CreatorSpace so stay tuned!


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