Week of Oct. 17th – Oct. 21st

We wrapped up our last Mini Loom workshop of the semester on Saturday, October 22nd this week! The members of CreatorSpace had a ton of fun. They loved learning how to use power tools and construct their looms themselves. Since these individuals are inexperienced in general fiber arts, we included verbal instructions on how to warp – the technical term for threading the heddle on the loom – their looms and get their weaving structure started. Overall, it went very well and was more efficient than our first workshop with the Fiber Arts Network. We were able to gain some feedback from the attendees concerning what should be changed about the instruction manuals and as a result we will be iterating our design once more. Both groups of attendees from our Mini Loom workshops will be providing us with woven samples by November 22nd to be shown at the ASU Digital Culture Showcase on Friday, December 2nd. There will be more details concerning this showcase later in November so stay tuned!

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This week we’re planning on having the final iteration of the Mini Loom Instruction Manual as well as a large selection of our designs posted to our website for anyone to download and use. From here we will be fully documenting our Drop Spindle tool in order to distribute those files through the website and begin discussing the possibility of another set of workshops centered around the Drop Spindle.


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