Week of Oct. 24th – Oct. 28th

Fall Banner.png

Hey everyone! October has been flying by; it’s quickly nearing the end!


The Mini Loom workshops finished up this last weekend. Miss Audra sent out forms to collect feedback from our attendees for future iterations and documentation shortly after. Now that the workshops for the Mini Loom have been completed, she has been occupied with creating the remainder 15 Mini Loom sets for a classroom in the fibers department.


After the Mini Loom workshops were completed last Saturday, Darci spent her time organizing the documentation gathered from the final workshop and perfecting the quality of the captured images. This week, she has been using the suggestions of the workshop attendees and outside sources to tweak the Mini Loom manual further, making it as fool-proof as possible. She has gathered additional documentation to add to the Mini Loom manual and has began planning the layout and instructions for the Drop Spindle manual that will be worked on next.



… has started to plan for the Digital Culture Showcase display for our project. Currently, his ideas include a small banner of our logo and one or two posters showing the progression of our project and mission statements from the team. The ideal layout would include two tables to be able to showcase our Mini Loom workshop attendee samples, loom pieces, instruction manuals, a laptop with our project website, and a loom for showcase attendees to try out.


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