Week of Oct. 31st – Nov. 4th


Welcome to November!

We hope everyone had a very spooky Halloween and got to enjoy some candy and time with your loved ones!


… has been laser cutting more of the FABfiber Mini Looms for the fiber department classroom set. With it being later in the semester, more students are using the fabrication lab facilities which has reduced the time available for her to cut these pieces. She also helped with building the Drop Spindle tool while documentation photographs were taken.


… has been continuing to organize documentation material for the final project video and for the instruction manuals. Darci has also made some additions to the Mini Loom section of the website including cost comparisons and some examples of where the tools can be laser cut. She has made slight changes to the Mini Loom instruction manual by adding a small section on how to assemble the heddle portion of the Mini Loom. The documentation photos for the Drop Spindle instruction manual have been captured, edited and added to the Drop Spindle manual as well. There are still a few more iterations to the manual that need to be completed before launching the new tool.



… has been working on a design for the FABfiber informational poster that will be displayed during the ASU Digital Culture Showcase on December 2nd. He has been playing around with the concept of fibers and our chosen CMYK color spectrum to tie it back into our brand.


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