Week of Nov. 7th – Nov. 11th

Welcome back everyone! For those who are located in the United States, we hope that you exercised your right to vote in the presidential election on or before Tuesday. Hopefully, you all thoroughly enjoyed your Veteran’s Day holiday and celebrated the veterans who have served our country.

Continue reading below to check out what we’ve been up to this last week!


Within the last week, she has been able to just about finish up fabricating the fiber department classroom set of Mini Looms to be used in later semesters. She has also overseen the completion of the Drop Spindle tool, the instruction manual for that tool, and the graphic design completed by Ben.


This week, Darci has added the finishing touches to the Drop Spindle instruction manual and fixed up the Google Drive folder to distribute the files for this new tool. As a result of this, FABfiber was finally able to launch our second tool! The tool’s designated page contains a link to all of the necessary files to laser cut and build your Drop Spindle as well as suggestions on where to laser cut the new tool.


… has been working on creating the poster for the Digital Culture Showcase to show off our two tools, instruction manuals, workshops, and overall accomplishments throughout the last three months. He has also been working on some ideas for potential future packaging design for the Mini Loom tool as an add on to the project. He is currently planning on having the packaging design serve as both a transport for the raw loom materials as well as a storage device for any fibers used while weaving.


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