FABfiber Growth & New Prospects

Hello everyone! FABfiber is back after a short hiatus known at the university as “winter break”. We took the break to regroup, spend time with our loved ones, and relax before attacking a new semester and new concepts for FABfiber!

We have excellent news! Shortly before the semester ended and we exhibited our work at the Digital Culture Showcase in early December, our FABfiber Mini Loom was featured on Instructables under the Craft section. This was a fantastic achievement to advertise at the Digital Culture Showcase. At this moment, the FABfiber Mini Loom has had almost 4,000 views and has been favorited 85 times. Our FABfiber Drop Spindle is also listed on Instructables and has a little over 250 views and 4 favorites currently. Wow!


Original FABfiber creators, Audra Carlisle and Darci Simpson, have chosen to continue the project into their final semester at Arizona State University and they have some great ideas for the next four months.

Our main goals that we hope to achieve in the next four months are:

  1. Design an updated Mini Loom with enhanced features for advanced weavers including being more compact, contain less material, and have more options for creativity
  2. Create easy-to-follow instructional videos for the FABfiber Mini Loom, the new Mini Loom 2.0, and a Frame Loom showing users how to build the tool and how to use it.

Audra will be leading the process for creating the Mini Loom 2.0, designing well-organized lesson plans for our upcoming workshops and leading the instruction for those workshops. Darci will be creating new instruction manuals for the Mini Loom 2.0 as well as instructional videos for each of our current designs. In addition to this, she will be handling all of FABfiber’s marketing, web design, and documentation of the project. There is also talk about new graphics to have a more customized Mini Loom 2.0 in a similar fashion as the original Mini Loom.

Here’s to a productive and fulfilling semester!



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