FABfiber Frame Loom & Workshop

Hello everyone!

We wanted to share some progress that we have been making toward FABfiber and to let you know that we haven’t disappeared off the face of the Earth quite yet. This semester we have been spending an awful lot of time documenting the progress of FABfiber thus far and improving our current documentation strategies to make them more dynamic and clearer. One way that we have decided to do this is through instructional videos to help supplement our static paper instructions. Most of our time so far has been spent gathering the film and audio material necessary for this, but we’re hoping to pump out some videos here soon!

To get us back into our community after a long winter’s break and a hectic beginning of the semester, FABfiber hosted a small workshop on Thursday, February 23rd for a miniature frame loom that was laser cut out of a small piece of scrap 1/8th inch birch wood.

These tiny looms are extremely portable and very easy to cut from remainder material making them cost effective as well. Audra showed a small group of attendees how to warp your own FABfiber Frame Loom and how to get started on weaving. She also discussed a short history of weaving and its relation to the computer, technology, and binary structures. Workshop attendees were invited to discuss anything related to weaving, to tell stories, and to continue to create a neat, small woven piece. Overall, everyone seemed like they were having a lot of fun!


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