About the Creators

Audra Carlisle

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… is a visual artist, teacher, crafter, and dog lover. She is passionate about textiles and technology, and how the intersection of the two can connect the past and present. Much of her work is focused in digital design and textile production. Currently a student at Arizona State, seeking her undergraduate in Digital Culture (Art), she is very interested in involving the arts with STEM-based education. She hopes to combine her love for hands-on fabrication, technology, and teaching in her career once she graduates.You can often catch her weaving, knitting, or riding her bike.




Darci Simpson


… is a freelance photographer, digital artist, and long time crafter in Tempe, AZ. She loves to capture the natural beauty of the world in both raw and elegant form, which she then incorporates into her designs and creations. Having a deep interest in community involvement and supporting artists, she strives to provide opportunities to creatives of varying age ranges and skill levels.

Attending ASU and majoring in Digital Culture (Design), she looks to experiment with design and materials in new, intriguing ways that add more meaning to her work. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking gallons of coffee, exploring the outdoors (when it’s cool), reading fantasy books, and traveling to the beach.