Mini Loom


Thank you everyone for patiently waiting while we made countless iterations to both our instruction manual design as well as our laser cut files themselves. The wait is over! The FABfiber Mini Looms are finally here!

These looms have been through two 6-person workshops where they were tested and built using the instruction manuals from a variety of skill levels. We are confident that ANYONE can build these looms! In addition, similarly styled looms are approximately $250 where the material cost of a FABfiber Mini Loom is approximately $6.

If you click on THIS LINK, it will take you to a Google Drive folder that contains all of our FABfiber Mini Loom designs as well as a blank one for you to add your own in Illustrator if you so chose. It also includes the instruction manual for you to either view on screen or print out and a separate file for the heddle.

*** If you are going to make your own designs in Illustrator, keep in mind that it is more suitable to etch black-and-white line drawings than it is to etch anything shaded or colored. Vectors are best!

To build your Mini Loom you will need three files from this folder:

One of the Mini Loom Cut files

Single Heddle Cut

Mini Loom Instruction Manual PDF

VIDEO: How to Build the FABfiber Mini Loom

Where can I laser cut my Mini Loom and Single Heddle cuts?

The Mini Loom Cut file will need to be laser cut using 1/4th MDF or plywood while the Single Heddle Cut file will need to be cut using 1/8th inch MDF or plywood. TechShop is a business dedicated to bringing wood shop and fabrication tools to users across the United States for a membership fee. If you are located near the cities listed below, you have access to one of the TechShop locations! If fabrication is something that you are interested in consistently, this could be a great investment.

Chandler, AZ

Redwood City, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Jose, CA

Allen Park, MI

St. Louis, MO

Pittsburgh, PA

Round Rock, TX

Arlington, VA

If you are not located near these cities or are only utilizing a laser cutter once, the next best option is to submit the designs online and have the final cut pieces shipped to your home. A few of these types of websites that are inexpensive, easy to follow, and located in the U.S. are:


The Make Lab


The Laser Co.

We would also recommend searching the Internet for local options that are unique to your city, state or country!

If you have any comments or questions on this new tool, the process or anything else, feel free to email FABfiber Team Member Darci or Audra!